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Everything we should know about Polyurethane hoses:

Everything we should know about Polyurethane hoses

Polyurethane hoses (also called PU hoses, PUR hoses, TPU hoes) are particularly abrasion-resistant and at the same time very flexible, light, durable and with long service life. They represent the best mechanical and physical properties of both PVC and rubber hoses. Compared to conventional PVC hoses, they are characterized by increased abrasion resistance and better temperature resistance. Polyurethane hoses have a good resistance to chemicals and weathering such as UV rays and ozone, while discolouration (the so-called yellowing) does not affect in any way their mechanical properties.

Another essential advantage of polyurethane hoses is that they do not harden over time as they do not require plasticisers to maintain flexibility, unlike PVC hoses that require adding of flexibility enhancer (such as plasticisers).

Types of polyurethane hoses:

  • Ester-based polyurethane – they have better chemical resistance to fuels, lubricants and other petroleum based chemicals. Polyester-based PU has excellent heat and tear resistance.
  • Ether-based polyurethane – they are more resistant to moisture while still providing good chemical resistance. Polyether-based PU hoses ensure better performance at low temperatures, they have a better resistance to microbes and hydrolysis.

Application of polyurethane hoses

Polyurethane hoses are widely used in almost every industry due to their light weight, flexibility, abrasion resistance and long service life. They are widely used in:

  • Woodworking industry and furniture production – for aspirations, ducting, for edging machines, transfer of shavings, granules, dust, air, etc.
  • Agricultural industry – for suction and delivery of seeds in seed drills, for sprayers, silos, animal stall / animal shed: barn ventilation, fertilizers, etc.
  • Plastic industry - conveying of granulates and powders, for dosing system, and etc.
  • Construction industry – transfer of inert materials, sand, gravel, cement, plaster, etc.
  • Pellet burners;
  • Chemical industry, Food industry and Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Textile industry – for weaving loom machines, automatic knitting machines, CNC spinning machines, etc.

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