PVC Food hose for cleaning CLEANWASH

Flexible hose made of food grade vinylic compound and with double high tenacity polyester reinforcement.

Inside and outside completely smooth to enhance flow properties and allow easy cleaning and sterilization processes.

Specially designed for the food industry to deliver hot water and solutions for high pressure cleaning and sanitation, at temperatures up to 70°C. Delivery of hot water and solutions for cleaning in food industry, sanitation of silos, refrigerating rooms and whereas a high-purity standard is requested.

Cleanwash is easy to handle, fexible as well as resistant to ozone, weather conditions, to most detergents and chemicals. Completely phthalate free.

Colour: Light blue cover with white liner.

Working pressure at temperature up to +70°C - 50 Bar.

Wrking pressure at temperature up to +23°C - 80 Bar.

Temperature range: from -10°C to +70°C.

Internal diameter (mm) External diameter (mm) Weight (gr/m) Working pressure (bar) Bending radius (mm) Coil length (m) Volume (m3)
12 22 370 80 120 100 0,097

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