12V Battery crimping machine P20 CS

Suitable for mobile services as well as for repairing hydraulic hoses on-site - in agricultural machines, construction equipment, industrial machines, etc.

This manual crimping machine should be connected to battery 12V.


Hose size (inches): For hydraulic hoses 2 Wire Braid 1.1/2” (DN38) / Hydraulic hoses 4 Spirals 1.1/4” (DN31);

Crimping force (tons): 137;

Crimping range (mm): 10-61;

Operation: Manual / 12V / 210A Battery;

Dimensions (mm): 550 x 380 x 380;

Weight (kg): 105;

QC tool: Included;

Die sets: 9 die sets included.

Contacts: Stara Zagora, 1 Industrial St, Business centre 2, +359 42 919 369,