Electric crimping machine P32

This electric crimping machine has a crimping force of 200 tons and crimping range up to 87 mm. Ideal for workshops, servicing trucks, lifting equipment, construction and agricultural machines. Thanks to its capacity of 2“ for 2 wire braid hydraulic hoses and 2“ for 4 wire braid hydraulic hoses, it is ideal for serial production.

The quality of the hose assemblies will reinforce your image and your reputation toward a large panel of customers. This investment guarantees sustainability and profitability of your business. It comes with a die set rack, electrical footswitch, and a quick change tool for easier manipulation.


Hose size (inches): For hydraulic hoses 2 Wire Braid 2” (DN51) / Hydraulic hoses 4 Spirals 2” (DN51);

Crimping force (tons): 200;

Crimping range (mm): 10-87;

Motor (kW): 4

Voltage (V): 380;

Noise Level (db(A)): 71;

Dimensions (mm): 760 x 560 x 800;

Weight (kg): 265;

Die Set Rack: Included;

QC tool: Included;

Pedal: Included;

Die sets: 13 die sets included.

Contacts: Stara Zagora, 1 Industrial St, Business centre 2, +359 42 919 369,