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PTFE Hoses:

PTFE hose corrugated BALFLON

PTFE hose corrugated BALFLON

High pressure, single stainless steel wire braid reinforced corrugated PTFE hose.

Inner tube: seamless corrugated polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE).

PTFE hose - Smooth lining BALFLON SAE 100R14

PTFE hose - Smooth lining BALFLON SAE 100R14

High pressure, single steel wire reinforced hose with smooth PTFE lining.

Inner tube: seamless smooth polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE).

A brief description of Teflon (PTFE) hoses

Teflon hose (PTFE hose) is a flexible hose designed to meet the requirements of higher operating temperatures and pressure. Teflon hoses are ideally suited for use in applications where high and low temperature, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, flexibility, and non-aging characteristics are required.

Properties of PTFE hoses

  • Excellent chemical resistance to most commercial chemicals, acids, alcohols, coolants, elastomers, petroleum compounds, solvents, vinyls, synthetic lubricants, and hydraulic fluids.
  • Resistance to ageing and weather conditions. PTFE is entirely resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and UV radiation. It is impervious to weather and can be stored for long periods of time without aging.
  • PTFE hoses have a long life expectancy when applied within its temperature and pressure ratings.
  • PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction. Therefore hoses made of PTFE have self-cleaning properties (substances do not stick to hose walls) so the transfer is very hygienic.
  • These hoses are non-toxic and easy to clean/sanitize, which makes them suitable for FDA or pharmaceutical applications.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Resistance to very low and very high temperatures – working temperature from -70ºC to +260ºC.
  • Light weight and flexible.

Construction of PTFE hoses

Two different Teflon materials are typically used in the hose industry, a melt-extrudable form (such as PFA, FEP, or ETFE) and a paste-extrudable form (PTFE). Melt-extrudable materials necessarily have a lower melting point than paste-extrudable materials. They also exhibit lower flex fatigue resistance. 

Types of PTFE hose construction:

  • Smooth hoses – they can be with with a single or double external braid made of stainless steel. These hoses are widely used in almost all branches of industry for suction and delivery of chemicals, gases, steam, oils, lubricants, fuel, paint, adhesives, foodstuffs, etc.
  • Corrugated hoses with an external stainless steel braid. Manufactured with lower working pressure but higher flexibility than smooth bore hoses.

VESTA-VI offers PTFE hoses available in stock – smooth hoses and corrugated hoses. We also repair and manufacture custom made PTFE hoses with fittings – for more information or advise visit us in our premises in Stara Zagora or Etropole or call/email us

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