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Hydraulic Hoses:

A brief description of hydraulic hoses for high pressure systems

Hydraulic hose assemblies are used widely throughout manufacturing industry acting as links to ensure the transmission of energy in hydraulic systems by transferring of hydraulic fluid between different hydraulic components and actuators.

A hydraulic hose is flexible synthetic rubber tube reinforced with one or several textile or steel braids so as to endure the high pressure in the hydraulic systems. Over time, even a well-maintained hose will wear out, making it necessary to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, important parameters should be considered when searching for a hydraulic hose:

  • Hose dimensions – mainly the internal diameter is important, rarely the outer diameter;
  • Working pressure and burst pressure of the hose;
  • Working environment of the hose – working temperature, friction (abrasion) and etc.;
  • Fluid temperature;
  • Bending radius – always mount the hose in a way to ensure sufficient bending radius.

Construction of hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic hoses are made in three basic parts. An inner tube that carries the fluid. It is reinforced with a sheath of braided wire, spiral wound wire or a textile based yarn, that is important for the high-pressure resistance of the hose. A third outer layer provides protection against weather conditions, UV-rays, ozone, abrasion, torsion, oil or chemicals. 

Types of hydraulic hoses

  • Reinforced (coiled) hydraulic hoses – they can have one or two steel braids or textile braids. Thеse types of hydraulic hoses are flexible and elastic, which makes them easy to store;
  • Spiral convoluted hydraulic hoses – they can have four or six spiral reinforcements, which makes them very flexible and resistant to higher pressure.

Hydraulic hoses are designed or custom-made specifically against customers’ specifications, including size of the hose, length and custom connectors. VESTA-VI team consists of experienced specialists always ready to find the best solution for your needs. Our professional workshops in Stara Zagora and in Etropole are equipped with up-to-date machines for assembling hydraulic hoses – crimping machines, machines for cutting and machines for skiving of hydraulic hoses. VESTA-VI repairs and manufactures custom hydraulic hoses – just bring us your old hydraulic hoses and we will make new ones out of high quality components just while you wait.

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